Firstly, welcome to my website! My aim is to provide you with information about me, my professional life and my passions. Happily, the last two of these are closely related. Though this site is somewhat of a personal project and my own playground, I do hope you find the content interesting. Thanks for dropping by!

About Craig R. Pearson

I am a management consultant with some ten years’ experience in the industry. Over this time, I have worked in aviation, financial services and high-tech manufacturing.

Developing high-performance teams is a passion of mine and builds upon the strong leadership experience I gained as an Army Officer in the United Kingdom, where I served following completion of my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

People are the key to projects. It may sound trite to say so. And of course, a motivated, highly competent team cannot make up for poor organization, processes and systems. To deliver transformational goals, good project management and good change management go hand-in-hand. This has always been at the core of my philosophy within consulting.

A solid foundation in project management, designing project governance processes, ramping up effective PMOs and running these efficiently have formed as much a part of my professional experience as have the change management roles as trainer, communicator and moderator.

On my website, you can find out more about my professional experience, as well as my passion for exploring other countries and cultures, which ties in neatly with my love for aviation.


Formally my career in management consulting began in 2010, following an MBA in International Management in Germany. Even before this time, I was working in a role, which would mirror my later work as a consultant in many ways.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to support many well-known companies from the fields of aviation, financial services and high-tech manufacturing in their transformational efforts.

My engagements have ranged from analyzing credit portfolios for compliance risks arising from regulatory changes, through ramping up and leading project management offices, to running change management efforts to communicate, train and enable companies and their clients alike to prepare for “Day One” of a change and beyond. I have also made pit-stops in test and release management, thereby gaining experience throughout the entire project lifecycle, from analysis and business case creation, through requirements definition and planning, supporting and leading delivery, as well as closing projects out.



Contact details are at the footer of my website. You can also use the contact form, or find me on LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram and Twitter.