San Francisco, USA

In April I was fortunate to have more time in the Land of the Free, venturing somewhat further north to a city I had been longing to visit for many years: San Francisco.

Most of my time I spent exploring, as I tend to, on foot. One place I was particularly keen to visit was the San Francisco National Cemetery. I remember visiting military cemeteries both before my own service, as part of my education in the OTC, as well as at Military Academy. I always found them moving. As a young lieutenant or captain, it was impossible not to be moved by the headstone of a young soldier, who fell at one’s own age. And so it was here also. There was another reason to stop off here though…

We will remember them.

We are so used to flying around the world now and view air travel widely as a commodity. There were many, servicemen and women as well as civilians, who gave their lives to expand our horizons in pursuit of the dream that is aviation. One such man is Major Dana Crissy, after whom the former airfield in the Presidio was named. His grave can be found in the cemetery. His legacy, built with the other pioneers of aviation, lives on with us today.