Miami, USA

We’re going to Miami! When the schedule came out, I have to say I was very happy to see this. Though I’ve been to Florida a number of times over the years, I’d never made it to see Miami properly… so finally here we were.

After a wonderful flight, we sunk down first of all for pre-dinner drinks in the hotel lobby. Then, it was time to explore the strip. Buzzing with life on a Friday night, it wasn’t long though before we decided to hit the hay.

We wanted to go and see the alligators in the Everglades, so an early morning rather than a late night was in order.

The following morning, I went to pick up our rental first thing and we set off on about an hour’s drive inland. Our boat ride organized, we waited for our allotted time in the warm spring Florida sun.

We certainly weren’t disappointed on the tour. We saw both a number of alligators (not hungry!) resting in the sun and investigating our boat, as well as a traditional village recreation, showing what life was like a long time ago in this neck of the woods.

With our tour over, it was time to head to the hotel in time for the phone call. Just a few hours later, we were back on the return leg, watching the Florida coast disappear rapidly beneath us, as the home base beckoned once more.