Vienna, Austria

What better way to start a weekend morning than a continental breakfast on board? The plan was actually to go to Vienna later in the day, as I was actually tagging along with a friend. But then we saw that the 777, in this case “November Golf”, would be flying the route that morning and it was clear that I just had to take the earlier flight… I could never miss a chance to fly on this wonderful aircraft. And it had the added bonus of giving me a few hours more in Vienna to explore with my camera 🙂

It was certainly to be a beautiful day… clear blue skies and gorgeous autumnal colours everywhere. I don’t know how many hours I was wondering around. Vienna is one of my favourite European cities. With its rich history, it has old-world charm in abundance, yet is as vibrant and fun as any metropolis many times its size. As evening settled in, it was this side of the city that came to the fore, as we enjoyed cocktails from a sky bar, looking down on a pulsating Vienna below.

All rotations come to an end and so it was with this one. With a vitamin boost coming from a smoothie in departures perking me up at the early hour, we took our seats for the short hop back home. This time, no 777 to take us back, but rather the A319 and some amazing views as the rising sun corralled Central Europe into the new week.